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The complete web management program for building and maintaining websites, e-commerce platforms, web portals, hosting apps or private branded clouds. 
A fully managed approach to the web.

WebPower™ enables you to manage mutiple website styles and brands in a single administration portal.

Migrating To WebPower Will Save You Time And Money On All Aspects Of Building And Managing Your World Online.
WebPower™  allows companies to take control of how they project and promote their brand online locally and across the Globe, by converging all thier web stock on to a Secure Private Cloud Platform with an administration portal which allows the design, editing and maintenance of multiple brands and styles under a single login.  
The WebPower™ product suite provides the user with an easy to use interface for managing a range of web business application modules, each of which can be deployed on its own but equally integrate fully with each other and the central Content Management System platform. These application modules provide fundamental online business processes including e-commerce, e-marketing, asset management, e-booking and customer/contact management. They can be used to generate complex multi-lingual web presences seamlessly linking to external web apps or data sources.

From a customer viewpoint WebPower™ functionality can be extended specifically to meet the particular customer's requirements on a customised basis. The development of bespoke bolt-on modules and the platform's ability to “drop-in” third party Data-sources ensures a scalable and flexible dynamic web environment for modern business.

WebPower™ is scalable and in constant development with new modules being created every month in line with our clients needs and future plans.
WebPower platform development
Our WebPower™ platform allows us to turn around website projects quickly and on budget. We are then on-hand to help you maximise your investment by building a productive online presence which enhances sales opportunities.Right Arrow
Key benefits which set
Webpower™ apart from other
CMS applications on the market.
  • Its non restrictive, design driven interface offers rapid build, simple integration of modules and limitless design.
  • Ability to bolt on third party web applications to create a single integrated web based presence on a branded cloud.
  • Includes a CRM project management system at the heart of our “Administration Circle” to control the website growth.
  • The complete integration of the product suite builds a seamless, highly functional web presence on a single database.
  • Multi-tenancy application on a scalable, load balanced platform with data back-up and business continuity processes.
  • There is never a need to upgrade your core applications as software updates are rolled out under our software for live business model.
  • A fast editing mode which allows multiple users to work on live web pages to make minor text or image changes.
  • The option to create web pages which can be translated and edited live in isolation to the English version providing full localisation.
  • Full version control aligned with edit permission management allows staff to experiment with new pages and functionality.
Creating long term relationships by delivering on promises & an investment in new skills & technologies
Positive about disabled people - Investor in People


  • Investment is driven by the needs of our clients
  • Our own in-house development team
  • Work has started on V4 of WebPower™

New Modules

  • New multilingual image rotator due Dec 2013 
  • Hotel booking module in development now 
  • Updated news' modules go live in Dec 2013

Joint Venture Wanted

  • Seeking JV partner for online EPOS Retail Till
  • JV partner for Sports Management APP
  • Got a LAN based APP?  Talk to us about JVs

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WebPower (UK) Ltd
15b Borrowmeadow Road
Stirling, Scotland, UK
Tel 01786 474318
Fax 01786 442055
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Notification from WebPower™ Ltd.

Thank you for visiting our multilingual pages. Please note that we are still in the process of having our translation partners edit the machine code translation, LIVE, on our WebPower Platform. If you do find any of the text offensive please use our Contact Us Form to notify us of the errors and we will address them straight away. Thank you in advance.