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New Start Tech
New Start

Our proprietary WebPower Foundation Source Code is used to create a Version for you to build your web application on.  The IP is transferred to you and valued as part of the full project.
Web Instance
Fast Web

We are looking to partner with NEW STARTS & industry leaders who want to build ip TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS.

Migrating To WebPower Enables you to Take Full Control of your Technology IP.
WebPower™ Foundation Source Code creates IP Value and brings new web application projects online quicker than traditional development on Open Source Tools.  There is a quick ROI through our services and we will establish true IP value for investors.

WebPower™ is also the ideal environment in which to grow online applications to replace internal processes either running on Desktop Based applications or built into Office 365 documents and applications. With responsive designs and smart, interactive, dynamic content.  WebPower™ as an application has the ability to interact with a variety of other data sources and pull information to present online. 
Our WebPower program was originally designed to attract companies who had made an original investment in business software, for a specific sector, which was normally only available as a "FAT CLIENT".   By partnering with WebPower™ our aim is to drop the application data source onto our WebPower™ Platform and then build a fully functioning web application with the same - if not better functionality - with IP value. 

While developing in WebPower™ we have access to multiple modules which can be utilised to reduce the migration development time while adding new functionality as part of the process.  Before every project we deconstruct the application and revisit the functional specification with the WebPower Partner - we will make recommendations and agree a route forward to maximise the sales' potential of the new web application.   

As well as attracting existing bespoke software owners we provide a complete service to New Start Companies, who want to build IP Value to raise investment for their Online Application.  We do this under our Monthly Payment Model which aids in the cash flow for the New Start while negating the need for a large upfront Capital Investment.
Web application growth

Our WebPower™ Foundation Source Code allows us to turn around complex website projects quickly and on budget.

We are then on-hand to help you maximise your investment by building a productive online presence which Generates IP Value.
Key benefits of migrating
to a web app and investing
in our Foundation Source Code.
  • Save time and money through reduced development time by migrating your application to the WebPower™ Platform.
  • An opportunity to revisit existing business logic to re-align processes to better match clients' needs on the web platform.
  • Include additional functionality by leveraging WebPower's™ existing modules to expand your application offering.
  • Extend the reach of your existing application on a responsive designed website available on any tablet, PC or smart phone.
  • A single source for all mobile activity where it is no longer necessary to develop single apps for specific operating systems.
  • By adopting WebPower™ as the platform for the next generation of your application you get a strong development team as your pro-active partner.
  • We take responsibility and project manage the development cycle on a LIVE basis where you can feedback during all build stages.
  • Keep your application always up to date through our constant development model - this avoids costly application upgrade projects.
  • Migrating to WebPower™ enhances your ability to take your application to EXIT by providing the buyer with a clean, understandable growth strategy.
Creating long term relationships by delivering on promises & an investment in new skills & technologies


17/03/2017 2e-volve a Stirling Based IT & Web Services provider release their Foundation Source Code for building IP Valuable Web Applications.
22/06/2016 Miigen's new tool simple asks the question Were You There? Our aim is to build a collective record of an event from our users point of view.
06/03/2016 Today sees the launch of Miigen's Web Application which allows older adults to build a Digital Time Capsule for their family.

Customer Reviews

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  • Investment is driven by the needs of our clients
  • Our own in-house development team
  • Work has started on V4 of WebPower™

New Modules

  • New multilingual image rotator due Dec 2017 
  • Hotel booking module in development now 
  • Updated news' modules go live in Dec 2017

Joint Venture Wanted

  • Seeking JV partner for online EPOS Retail Till
  • JV partner for Sports Management APP
  • Got a LAN based APP?  Talk to us about JVs

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