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New Start Tech
New Start

Our proprietary WebPower Foundation Source Code is used to create a Version for you to build your web application on.  The IP is transferred to you and valued as part of the full project.
Web Instance
Fast Web

Reinforce your global footprint with localisation to engage with local sales markets

Migrating To WebPower Enables you to Take Full Control of your Technology IP.
With WebPower™ nothing gets lost in translation - as the saying goes - LIVE multilingual editing of web pages on the same English installation of WebPower™ allows your Brand and marketing message to adapt to Global nuances and cultural sensitivities with content created and managed by your own staff or our translation partners.
WebPower™ has been designed as an always on marketing tool to centralise your brand essence in an environment where it can be manipulated and managed, in any language, to enhance your global workplace.  Underpinned by a strong project management process WebPower™ allows your company to project multilingual marketing messages directly aligned to a global marketing strategy.

With WebPower™ your brand is on a platform which allows it to change to match movements on a Global scale.  Absorbing a new brand into your WebPower™ instance can be done quickly and in the language of the host company's location.  

Through a mixture of machine code and human translation you can refine your core values to match the areas of the Globe you work in - for example any website focused on your activities in the far east would carry content relevant to the values of the culture - this may have included comment and news posting in Lineyte-Samarnón on how your company helped following the recent Typhoon.

Multilinugal growth of websites

Our WebPower™ Foundation Source Code allows us to turn around complex website projects quickly and on budget.

We are then on-hand to help you maximise your investment by building a productive online presence which Generates IP Value.
Key benefits of localising
your web presence on our
webpower™ cloud.
  • WebPower™ allows your brand to cross language barriers and develop new customers through the use of localisation.
  • Ensure your marketing message is region sensitive and aligned to the local market your are trading in or planning on breaking into.
  • Adopt a single marketing strategy in English and tweak to meet international markets while aligning sales activities.
  • With WebPower™ your brand can travel and be understood across the globe with empathetic messaging through localisation.
  • WebPower™ allows your brand to engage with potential international customers in a manner which shows respect.
  • A commitment to a conversation with new customers in their own language enhances the sales opportunity.
  • International customers will respond when the marketing conversation and sales proposition is in their mother tongue.
  • The last 20 years of the web has been a conversation in English.  The next 20 years will be in the languages you need.
  • A single offering to manage a global proposition, through sector and localised marketing - allows your brand to travel with ease.
Empower your employees to promote your brand and culture in their communities and markets - in their language


17/03/2017 2e-volve a Stirling Based IT & Web Services provider release their Foundation Source Code for building IP Valuable Web Applications.
22/06/2016 Miigen's new tool simple asks the question Were You There? Our aim is to build a collective record of an event from our users point of view.
06/03/2016 Today sees the launch of Miigen's Web Application which allows older adults to build a Digital Time Capsule for their family.

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  • Investment is driven by the needs of our clients
  • Our own in-house development team
  • Work has started on V4 of WebPower™

New Modules

  • New multilingual image rotator due Dec 2017 
  • Hotel booking module in development now 
  • Updated news' modules go live in Dec 2017

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  • Seeking JV partner for online EPOS Retail Till
  • JV partner for Sports Management APP
  • Got a LAN based APP?  Talk to us about JVs

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