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New Start Tech
New Start

Our proprietary WebPower Foundation Source Code is used to create a Version for you to build your web application on.  The IP is transferred to you and valued as part of the full project.
Web Instance
Fast Web

Remove risk and increase your chance of success by utilising our webpower foundation source code

Migrating To WebPower Enables you to Take Full Control of your Technology IP.
WebPower™ is the ideal platform on which to build and grow your IP Technology.  It mitigates risk, provides security, it is trusted technology and above all it brings your ideas and products to market quicker.

The challenge many New Starts face is juggling product management, while pivoting on the technology, to meet changing client needs.  We work in an Agile Manner on a platform with version control built in so we can adapt quickly to important changes.  
With our Foundation Source Code we hope to make your chance of success greater by removing some of the core challenges every new web technology business encounters.  We have technology which reduces the development cycle by 45% and decrease both internal and user testing by 75% and 55% respectively.

While the success of a New Start technology business will be measured by users and revenue these are difficult to align - many New Starts fail by building something no one wants. We will help remove this possibility by providing you with assistance with your customer validation to ensure your product is as anticipated by your client and sector.  Then we will work with your on the Product Management to ensure we meet these goals with smart customer aligned technology and to keep you on budget.

Our only goal is to see you succeed at a time when 90% of New Starts are failing. Our technology, project delivery experience, strong internal software skill set and business modeling will help get you to market quicker and stronger.

Then at the end of the project we will have your Application IP valued and transfer this ownership to you. 

Our WebPower™ Foundation Source Code allows us to turn around complex website projects quickly and on budget.

We are then on-hand to help you maximise your investment by building a productive online presence which Generates IP Value.
Key benefits - Webpower™ foundation source code AT THE HEART OF your brand ACTIVITY.
  • A Branded Cloud places your brand at the forefront of your online activities by linking all internal and external activities online.
  • Brand enhancements or changes can be quickly rolled out across the Branded Cloud, managed through CSS.
  • Never having to run large project managed development cycles as your Branded Cloud is in constant flux - with daily changes.
  • Integrate acquired businesses or brands in multiple languages or styles with ease and LIVE without long development projects.
  • Your staff can access and edit up to the minute information LIVE ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your data.
  • Access new markets and sectors using your existing Branded Cloud by creating multilingual, editable LIVE web pages on any device.
  • Remove Brand Lag by empowering your global staff to grow and manage localised information relevant to the area and community.
  • Develop a seamless trading environment for both staff and customers to enhance communication and sales' opportunities.
  • Your Brand is live and adaptable to meet global growth or communication - delve deeper into your global markets with a Branded Cloud.
Create your own branded technology and enhance your staff productivity through the use of smart cloud technologies


17/03/2017 2e-volve a Stirling Based IT & Web Services provider release their Foundation Source Code for building IP Valuable Web Applications.
22/06/2016 Miigen's new tool simple asks the question Were You There? Our aim is to build a collective record of an event from our users point of view.
06/03/2016 Today sees the launch of Miigen's Web Application which allows older adults to build a Digital Time Capsule for their family.

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  • Investment is driven by the needs of our clients
  • Our own in-house development team
  • Work has started on V4 of WebPower™

New Modules

  • New multilingual image rotator due Dec 2017 
  • Hotel booking module in development now 
  • Updated news' modules go live in Dec 2017

Joint Venture Wanted

  • Seeking JV partner for online EPOS Retail Till
  • JV partner for Sports Management APP
  • Got a LAN based APP?  Talk to us about JVs

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