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New Start Tech
New Start

Our proprietary WebPower Foundation Source Code is used to create a Version for you to build your web application on.  The IP is transferred to you and valued as part of the full project.
Web Instance
Fast Web

Reduce testing time by using our established Webpower™ foundation source code to build your IP.

Migrating To WebPower Enables you to Take Full Control of your Technology IP.
V-Content is the central product of the WebPower™ suite - it is tried, tested and one of the most advanced Content Management Systems (CMS) available in its class. 

With the WebPower™ designer interface, users can quickly and efficiently create winning responsive designed sites with no restrictions on design, unlike open source template driven products.
The WebPower™ product suite is centred on V-Content – the content management system (CMS) and extends to a range of application modules, each of which can be seamlessly integrated with each other and the central CMS platform. These application modules provide fundamental online business processes including e-commerce, e-marketing,  asset management, e-booking and customer/contact management.

Additionally, WebPower™ now embraces over 60 further 'bolt-on' modules such as Image Carousel, RSS News+, Forms Builder, News,  Facebook, Twitter and many more.

From a development viewpoint WebPower™  functionality can be extended specifically to meet the particular customer requirements on a customised basis.  The development of bespoke bolt-on modules and the platform's ability to “drop-in” third party data-sources ensures a scalable and flexible web environment for modern business.

WebPower version control allows the developer to prepare in advance different versions of any page in any language - these can quickly be edited in our Quick Edit Mode - which allows the editing of live pages in the browser.  This is handy if typos are found and need to be repaired quickly.  

Likewise our editor includes full spell check capability in both live type mode or review mode - so you can review all content and avoid the pesky typos.  

vContent - content management of websites made simple

Our WebPower™ Foundation Source Code allows us to turn around complex website projects quickly and on budget.

We are then on-hand to help you maximise your investment by building a productive online presence which Generates IP Value.
Key functionality which sets
V-Content apart from other
CMS open source applications.
  • V-Content has a common content interface across all WebPower™ applications ensuring familiarity and ease of use.
  • Flexible CSS for building responsive design websites with multi browser and device support including SmartPhones.
  • Fully extensible and customisable to match each client's specific functionality or design requirements with easy to add modules.
  • Supports both table and CSS layout build while providing "ripple through" style changes using cascading style sheets.
  • User friendly Windows styled tree view presentation of site menus and webpages with switch off and on single click functionality.
  • WYSIWG - what you see is what you get editing tool for managing text content, images, tables and multilingual editing.
  • Page cloning for multiple page additions or editing - with an integrated approval process for page publishing previews.
  • Full localisation support for multilingual website building and management by users.
  • Login Module for secure area access and personalised content or virtual intranet.
enabling our clients to take control of their online web presence by providing smart development tools and intuitive software platforms.


17/03/2017 2e-volve a Stirling Based IT & Web Services provider release their Foundation Source Code for building IP Valuable Web Applications.
22/06/2016 Miigen's new tool simple asks the question Were You There? Our aim is to build a collective record of an event from our users point of view.
06/03/2016 Today sees the launch of Miigen's Web Application which allows older adults to build a Digital Time Capsule for their family.

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  • Investment is driven by the needs of our clients
  • Our own in-house development team
  • Work has started on V4 of WebPower™

New Modules

  • New multilingual image rotator due Dec 2017 
  • Hotel booking module in development now 
  • Updated news' modules go live in Dec 2017

Joint Venture Wanted

  • Seeking JV partner for online EPOS Retail Till
  • JV partner for Sports Management APP
  • Got a LAN based APP?  Talk to us about JVs

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